Monday, November 17, 2008

the aftermath...

Maggie hurt her shoulder last night. She was partying too hard for my birthday. SO, today I had to take her to the vet. Turns out she has a torn ligament :( She's totally milking it too. she wouldn't even eat her bone, which she usually protects and inhales the way I do jars of nutella. When I gave it to her she just sighed and put her head down, and looked around to make sure we all saw.

she's sooo cute though, acting all dramatic like she's taking her last few breaths. Inga came into my room and was petting her saying "awwww, maggie. You are JUST like your mommy when you're injured" I've discussed Inga's "bedside manner" before. Maggie woulda slapped her little viking face if she could lift her paw.

AND like her mommy she is now well medicated. And since she can't shop online like me, I went ahead and got her a New comfy pale pink bedand a matching collar.

As for ME...I have had THE BEST birthday. Because I have THE BEST friends. I know, this blog is starting to sound like this one but it's TRUE. I have actually been super happy this WHOLE weekend! And let me tell you, having a monday birthday is THE BEST. Because you get to celebrate ALL weekend. If it were on a friday, then that's all you'd get.

PLUS I got the most awesome thoughtful presents. I am even eating Moose Munch
as I type. My keypad is all covered with chocolate fingerprints right now. THANKS DEDE & CARIN! That wasn't EVEN on my list...and THAT! is what I love about Awsome friends who know you better than you know you. Thanks to all my thoughtful friends who pay attention to my needs! And Joe? I KNOW yours is on the way.

Sure, I also got about a million Starbucks cards, I will be highly caffeinated well into summer '09. AND I got lots of birthday calls too. Though, the facebook greetings, are cute. DOESN'T cut it. So any of you who facebook birthdayed me? (and actually know me in person) Karma. I don't even believe in Karma. But KARMA.

But right now I am in love with my friends and family and consider myself super lucky to have such a close circle or friends from grammar school up through college and all the new ones. I LOVE YOU ALL!

Don't worry, come December when my month is over. I will be back to my crusty hateful self.

Now I have one more B-day dinner and then I pack for New Zealand!!!!!

Seriously, SO F-ing blessed!


Kristina P. said...

OH. MY. HELL! I thought tomorrow was your birthday!!! I am so sorry! Happy freaking birthday! I hope it was everything you wished for.

And do you make Maggie do doggie yoga. You know doggie style and all that?

Rychelle said...

wow, maggie really parties like a rock star, huh?

get better soon, magie! i'm sure that cute dog bed and collar are going to help tons!

Dads(2) said...

my heart hurts when the dogs hurt.....get better quick Magie!

dede said...

Happy Happy Birthday! Glad you liked your "not on the list" presents. Luv ya! Hope Maggie feels better.

vanessa said...

I assure you I called you *before* I even knew you wrote this. Though now I should have left it at Facebook. P.S. Mick ate your bday present.