Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's monday morning. Do you know where your bloggers are?

My family is a bunch of partyers. Even the ones about to be in-laws. They'll mesh just fine. It's like we probably won't even notice we have new family members until one of the new ones drinks all my dad's whiskey. THEN heads will roll.

I don't do well with the drink. SO saturday night out on the town celebrating my birthday did not fare well for me yesterday. Sunday was a fog of laziness and my legs are not functioning properly either. I don't know if that's jet lag or just bad genetic make-up from a family of drunks. ( I call them "drunks" in jest (sorta )Drunks/Polacks...tomato/tomahto)

My little brother wanted desperately to watch the Utah/BYU football game yesterday....IN NEW ZEALAND. So he spent about 12 hours online trying to figure out how he could watch it. Then he was getting frustrated, slamming laptop lids down. Giant sighs. So of course me, in all my internet savvy, found the game online in about 3 minutes flat, and purchased the pay per view, acting all smug and smart and generally better than everyone in my family. AS USUAL. I was a STAR unitl 5 mins later when we realized I had purchased, for $15, the 2007 Utah/BYU game. I mean, I shoulda just fed him some more beer and would he have even known?

It's cold and rainy here this monday, but I don't even care. I love it. It's an awesome excuse to curl up with a "flat white" (no, that's not what they call New Zealand's what they call a latte)( I cant figure out the "flat" part. I get the white. but why flat?) and a good book. Okay, a laptop. but same diff.

Oh! I almost forgot. Here are the first 3 things I did. In this order.

1. CHecked to see the way the water swirls as it drains in the sink. Kept turning faucet on and off to see the water swirl the other way. It's SO CUTE!
2. Bought all their brands of candy at the supermarket (yay Vanessa! you know me too well)
3. Found coffee with internet

So you guys did pretty well with the coffee part. And all that Candy and Spare Rib flavored pringles I bought for the winner? YAY! I get to keep it!!!


Granny~Van said...

Ummm, okay, water swirl watcher. What is that? HOW would I have even known that???!!! When we go to Seattle in June will we be on the water swirl tour??? Grandma!

Rychelle said...

is drinking while watching the u of u vs. byu game even allowed?!?

Kristina P. said...

Apparently, I am a horrible stalker, and I don't know you at all.

Annie Miller said...

The "Lord of the Rings" answer was my favorite. Whoedever they are...give em a big kiss on the lips for me!! Way cool :)

dede said...

are you sure you weren't watching the water drain while you were washing your hands after you peed?? (which would mean I got 2 out of 3 and deserve something!)