Thursday, November 27, 2008


It's iffy if we're even gonna find a turkey today. But whatev's. We can always bust out some new Zealand Mussels (bleh)
And/or just go to Mickey Dees for a hearty combo.

I just wanted to point out that this McDonalds would be sued in america. Notice the Sundae AND the extra cheeseburger in their value meal? awesome, right?!

ANd then this...

TWO Big Macs in a meal?? I don't get it, It's not like everyone here is fat or anything. BUT the MOST important thing about this McDonalds is that they had FRIED apple pies!!! YUMMMMM. WHy The US McD stopped that is a complete mystery. Baked my ass, Who even cares about health in their desserts?

Just some more cool stuff about NZ. For those who were maybe dabbling in coming, this should seal the deal to buy your tickets!


Kristina P. said...

Happy Thanksgiving! And McDonalds is awesome.

dede said...

remember 99 cent big macs in college? (I might of ate two ONCE) Happy Thanksgiving!!

rychelle said...

oh how i miss the fried apple pie!

can you bring me one from nz?

Granny~Van said...

Soooo, really, you get TWO cardiac burgers in a HUNGER MEAL AND a hot fudge sundae??? OMG!!! Do the burgers and fries taste the same? You know how every country has a different taste??