Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I wanted to write about this last night, but given the OTHER stuff going on in the Country, I felt America needed my attention.

But, like the day after Christmas, it's back to ME.

Now, as I've griped before, my job is NO bed of roses. But last night took the cake. Not because it was someone showing body parts that should ONLY be shown in the bonds of holy matrimony AND in the dark, I mean that did happen, but at least THIS time it was funny. well, funny for me because I laughed my ass off DURING class.

A woman walked in late in HEELS. So she annoyed off the bat. Then she goes to the corner and puts down her mat and starts taking off her pants. Now, this is pretty ordinary because lots of people wear sweats or long pants and then have SHORTS on underneath and then when they get to class and it gets hot, they take off their pants and wear their SHORTS. Many yoga shorts are ALREADY totally slutty...

I's SO WRONG. right!?!?!

I was actually EXPECTING those shorts on her, cuz she just looked like the type. but no. THIS is what SHE wore

and I SWEAR I. am. not. joking.

It took me a while to find the EXACT thing she had stripped down to. (of COURSE though, I found it at V.Secret!)

I thought at first, like, she was just changing? And I was shocked that she just stripped to her panties in class. But like I said, though I've never seen anyone do that before, she really did look the type. THEN she got on her MAT, in DOWN DOG nonetheless, IN HER PANTIES and just started doing yoga. I actually walked over there to see if I was seeing what I thought i was seeing. I made sure not to go behind her...I have been WELL trained not to do THAT. And I just stared in disbelief. I wasn't sure if I should SAY something because I felt like I should protect the poor people next to her. I mean, this is the west hollywood class, the Males and females alike did NOT want to see her na-nanny. But then HOW do you say that?

I went back to my spot in the front of the room, deciding what the hell to do here, and my guy friend was in the front so I kicked him and I pointed to the back and mouthed "WTF???" Once he saw her, he did a double take and started laughing and then I started and then I couldn't stop.

But here's the interesting twist. Here I was, thinking that she's just a complete porn freak, and being that this IS hollywood she actually probably is, and then about 10 mins later I see her stop suddenly, look down and then reach into her bag and put on yoga shorts, kin to the first pic. And then she just continued on.

So??? What? Was she NOT AWARE until that moment that she was DOING yoga in her panties??? And she was all "oooopps, forgot my shorts!" Or she's SOOOOO used to wearing whore clothes that it's hard to tell when you're just in your underwear?

This makes my head ache. I am pretty sure that Mary Magdalen, though thought to be a prostitute, never showed up at Jesus' feet in a thong. What's a spiritual leader to do??


Kristina P. said...

Hahahahahahaha! Maybe she thought it was the Carmen Electra class on accident?

vanessa said...

Wow. I'm just shocked.

dede said...

that is sooo funny - I appreciate your research - it was needed for the full effect!