Saturday, November 01, 2008 my house

I am so sick of hearing about POLLS! Polls this Polls that. I can HARDLY watch TV anymore! And we all know that puts me in A MOOD.

ANd THEN all I even hear anymore is prop this, and prop that and YES! NO! YES! NO! And all the drama in a 30 second low budget commercial. Makes me want to hit people.

This year, the whole election thing brings me HOPE. I feel hopeful, ya know, that the low budget "actors" they have on the "props" commercials become super famous one day and then they'll be on Ellen and of course she'll pull up the old 'prop" commercial and he'll turn all red and stammer while ellen dances around laughing at him. oh joy! This election has SUCH promise.

So since I couldn't stay home watching TV and squirreling away all the cupcakes and three musketeers and chocodiles into my room so my roommates wouldn't hoard it all, I decided I needed to get outside! get some sunshine on my face! Reap the benefits of living so close to nature.

So, I went to the grove and ate at cheesecake factory and then poured over books at B&N and had mexican hot chocolate (which deports you to a snuggly living room in Mexico, sitting by the fire with a hot mexican guy who starts sentences with "mi amore...") then I got suckered into buying theseand then also these
But seriously don't worry I can ALWAYS need more.
(just make SURE not to get these I mean, you know, you absolutely don't need to get me ANYTHING

Hmmm, I had a point, and now I forgot it. So you know what THAT means!!!............

This is Maggie's new costco bed, which is the cutest thing ever. It fits her JUST right. I just love when she's all curled up on it napping. but my FAVORITE thing.... when Mick tries to squeeze himself in it to fit. and the look on his face is "what? I totally fit. see? no problem here."


dede said...

you can always have hope that tv will be back to normal by wed - love maggies new bed - I think you should have gone for the "cardy" (really cute, in a UGG sort of way)!

Kristina P. said...

You know, even thought I think Uggs are sort of hideous, I actually want a pair.

peewee said...

They ARE hideous...But my person theory is that women LOVE LOVE LOVE them because,,,
A.They're all warm and snuggly, like slippers, only fashionably acceptable.
B, MOST IMPORTANTLY, I believe that all girls secretly like having Muppet feet.