Thursday, November 20, 2008

Good aye!

they don't actually say that here, but whatev's. makes me sound worldly and well travelled.

My flight was actually not bad at all. I am shocked. No moth ball smelling people. No snake shows. I took an ambien, and thought it didn't work, but then woke up 5 hrs later. So guess it did. I was disoriented though. And my ankles were beyond puffy. At least I matched all the granny's around me though.

The worst part of the flight was choosing to watch Mamma Mia. WORST.MOVIE.EVER. I mean, seriously, BAD. It was laughable watching Meryl Streep DANCING around in overalls. And singing. And pretending to be a 41 yr old.

Anyhoo...I would tell you what I'm doing rigth now but i've decided to do something FUN!

I'm gonna do a prize giveaway. Like wheel of fortune, only you don't have to spell so much!

If you can guess the FIRST 3 things I did when I got here, I will send you an awesome prize Purchased FROM New Zealand. I mean, I'll ship it when I get back. I'm not a millionaire or anything!


Now, think like me. And they don't have be in the right order. BUT if they are? And you are THAT familiar with my neurosis quirks, then I will send you DOUBLE the bounty. ("bounty" is a local word. I am totally all about the native tongue)



peewee said...

oh, and PS. here's a hint. getting online was # 4

Kristina P. said...

Crap. I totally thought getting online was number 1.

I'm thinking doing a sun salutation was number 2. Am I right?

And what are you doing there anyway?

Oh, and you aren't my first NZ commenter. I had some anonymous commenter who said that she stalked me all the way from NZ, and I should feel special. I don't think she ever came back. :(

Anonymous said...

1. starbucks
2. make fun of accent, clothes, customs etc.
3. nap

carin davis said...



peewee said...

A sun salutation? that's cute

dede said...

1. went potty
2. hailed a cab (or better yet, one of those bike things)
3. found a coffee place w/ wireless

I think you need to watch Mamma Mia in a packed theatre w/ lots of girlfriends to get the full effect!!

Have fun and keep posting!

peewee said...

I'm bad at this whole contest thing because I didn't put a deadline...ummm let's say...I, it's hard cuz it's friday night here and so ummm...let's say friday midnight-ish usa time.

And all of you got the coffee part right...but dede was closest cuz I had to find coffee WITH internet!

Anonymous said...

1. found a ring
2. hiked to mount doom
3. destroyed ring in fire

Rychelle said...

1. found a starbuck WITH wireless internet.
2. googled "real home address of bret and jemaine, flight of the conchords".
3. commenced stalking.

peewee said...

well now we know what YOU'D do rychell!!

peewee said...

agm...nap was #5

Annie Miller said...

peed, coffee, food!

Granny~Van said...

1. Coffee/internet
2. Supermarket run
3. lunch/dinner/breakfast