Thursday, November 06, 2008

Mutiny On the Booty....Coming to theatres soon...

Guess what I did tonight in fabulous West Hollywood? I went to a porno show!!!!

Wait, no, THAT was my YOGA CLASS.

She's baaaaaaaaack.

And THIS time she wore her same exact style of PANTIES as last time, only the entire class! No black short shorts. Just full Bare Butt.

But she tricked me cuz she walked in wearing the shorts, and then I turned around and it was all skin, all the time. I about fell over. I was so distracted I could hardly teach. Why God? WHYYYYYY?

And let me just tell you, that I had to avoid any poses with a leg up. And then i completely made the mistake of putting the class into wheel pose.

You can imagine the problems this caused for me. Let's just say that a centimeter to the right and I woulda seen her uterus.

After class I ran downstairs to talk to the front desk people to make fun of her. And was all "'ll never believe this...." And the front desk girl was like..."Ohhhh...the one with the long black hair, tan skin. The porn star."

"YAHHH! TOTAL PORN STAR! hahahahha. I'm SO glad you know who I mean, so it's not just ME who thinks she dresses like a porn star"

"No she's a REAL porn star."


Now I just have to find out her name so I can show you guys. I mean. you know, like a head shot or something.

I'm exhausted. Seriously any more of this kind of stuff and I'm filing for workman's comp.


Kristina P. said...

Here's the problem I have with this post. The lack of pictures. Seriously. What are you doing to me here. I NEED A PICTURE!!!!!

peewee said...

I almost did take a pic with my iphone...I coulda passed it off as changing the music on my ipod. But she scared me. It was so dirty I felt weird. Maybe next time as she CLEARLY likes my class. I'll get my nancy drew skills ON IT.

carin davis said...

WHAAAT!? PLEASE...lets stick with the head shots! :)

K and/or K said...

This is unreal. Seriously a cosmic joke or something.

Stumbled over here from Kristina P.'s blog...hilarity is in full swing here, I must say.

Rychelle said...

saw you on kristina's blog and my uncle, blair's, blog.

i LOVE the vintage styling!!!!

i'm adding you to my reader and plan to stalk you on a regular basis.

you have been warned. ;)