Sunday, November 16, 2008


I am still in recovery. I had the most fun birthday EVER! YAY ME!

This is my friend Colin. And this is me with my super duper short hair, that was cut a few hours ago, and LOOKS super cute NOW. But I can already tell, it's gonna be one of those haircuts that will never be that way again, and when it gets wet and freezes up I'm gonna look like beaker.

And this is me and my friend Will and Reilly. (Will is doing his "I'm a serious actor" face)I lOVE taking pics in between two cute guys. It gives me a certain Je ne sais quois (which is french for "makes me look hotter")

And these are my oldest friends. I mean, not OLD old, (though, they DO looker older than ME, right!) but One I've been friends with since Kindergarten, and the other since High school. We survived the eighties together.

And this is everyone having SO.MUCH.FUN. at my super awesome hollywood party!


Rychelle said...

mee mee mee meep mee meep
beaker translation - looks like a great time!

Kristina P. said...

Rychelle, you are such a goofball.

And you are totally gorgeous! Love the hair and all the hotness in your life.

carin davis said...

LOVE the new hair do! I am glad you had such a great bday!!!!!!!

Inga said...

Hey! I was at this party too!!!!!

Loved it honey!

Granny~Van said...

Who is that HOT YOUNG chick in the gray silky blouse with the radiant red lips???

Kristina P. said...

Peewee, where have you been today? You are usually so on top of the comments, like the comment whore you are! :)

doradrama said...

Hey Dor, you look great. Happy Birthday.

Granny~Van said...

Your partay was so awesome! I had the best weekend too! Huuuuu (that's me exhaling with a smile), we must do it again in January (hint,hint) :}