Wednesday, November 12, 2008


My friend checked her "blog readability" and HERS was "high school level" which I thought was good! I was a little nervous to do this because I thought for SURE I would get like, the "pre-natal" or at best 3rd grader. So you can imagine my shock when this popped up...

blog readability test

Movie Reviews

HA! OBVIOUSLY their "meter" was broken. College! POST GRAD?!?! HA! I barely made it as college grad, and even THAT is still a little shady. (I think I still owe for a parking ticket )(and/or a semester of tuition) (small potatoes U of U....petty much?)

I wonder if it just reads, like the last entry? Maybe those leggings are WAY cerebral. They just scream "I'm in my third masters program and have no taste whatsoever"

I'm off to check every other blog's midnight on a wed. what else am I gonna do? Graduate college! HAHAHHHA!


dede said...

ya, I'd say it was broke - when I checked yours, you were
ELEMENTARY SCHOOL! (which is why I was making fun of YOU my whole post!) I am rechecking mine - and yours!!

dede said...

ok - I just did it again - you are in fact college level BUT "" is elementary - my error - congrats!
btw - I believe it is more that ONE parking ticket!

peewee said...

hey! have you seen Well, it WAS a full on porno site..and now it's a site about sex through yoga. THIS is why I don't tell many people about my blog...cuz I think I've lost some potential friends because of it!

Rychelle said...

whew. i almost signed up for a college course, but now i can just read your blog instead.

thank you!

Kristina P. said...

I think mine was just college level.

How does "yogabitch" beat "predilection"? No fair. Booooo.

Anonymous said...

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